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Having grown up within a family of musicians, Carol Gomez developed a natural ability to express each song in her own unique style. She grew up listening to classic pop, country and western music, and later in her teenage years, jazz and blues music. Her main influences include Dr John, Ella Fitzgerald, Taj Mahal and Imelda May. She is also a classically trained pianist.

Being a sensitive musician, she is devoted and passionate towards her music. Her discipline and dedication shows in the expression of the music she renders.

Carol sings a wide range of genres and styles such as Pop and Top40s, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country music, and her forte include songs from Pink Martini (Latin jazz) Rockabilly music (a combination of Blues, Country, Folk and Rock n Roll music) and Vintage music (songs from the 1920s era up to the later years, displaying each decade and its different styles).

Carol is currently writing and composing her own music and finds her inspiration in the very essence of life itself- nature, music, children and love.

Genre: English Pop, Jazz, Ballads and Love Songs

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