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Charles aka Stitch

Singer cum Guitarist

Charles appeared on Channel 5 and 98.7fm in 2009 for Singapore Idol’s Season 3, and clinched the Top 4 spot in the competition. For NDP 2008, he did a collaboration with Mathilda De Silva for one of the national day songs, rapping and beatboxing in “Shine on Me.”


Charles sang the opening song and a side song for the Chinese series, Zai Ni Zuo You, which aired on Channel 8 in the middle of 2010, and was nominated for Star Awards best theme song in 2011. Charles also sang the opening song for “The Family Court” on Channel 8, which airs in late 2010. He also took part in NDP 2010 held at the Padang and aired on 4 different channels, beatboxing in a collaboration with rapper Shigga Shay in a song called “Count On Me.” In late 2010, he did a collaboration with sensation 9 year old drummer Zidane, and percussion group Bloco, for the President’s Star Charity.


Charles has also appeared on Channel U on a beatboxing commentary. He was also featured in the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao about beatboxing. Charles has made radio appearances on 93.8 live, Love 97.2 and YES 93.3 talking about the craft of beatboxing.