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Murale, local drummer and percussionist, started playing drums and percussion instruments since he was five years old. Having started performing from a young age, he fearlessly performed on any stage he was put on. He was first introduced to the pop culture scene when he was in the Music and Drama Company (MDC) during his National Service (NS) days. Since then, Murale has had the amazing opportunity to play alongside pop icons like Leona Lewis as she sang her original, Bleeding Love, in her 2012 Clash of Continents opening concert. He has also played for 2009 Singapore Idol, Sezairi Sezali, the popular local duo, Jack and Rai and the well-known local band, Lorong Boys. He has also opened for notable concerts such as Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour Concert 2011, and MGMT & Whitest Boy Alive’s Singapore concert. He is currently doing regular gigs and events as a freelance musician, and also plays with the award-winning Indo-Jazz Band, Brahmastra. Murale has been playing professionally in the Pop and Jazz scene for more than a decade. He plays the cajon and drums, often pairing his Roland Octapad with his drumset. He is also known to play any kind of percussion instrument authentically as he relentlessly weaves creativity into his music, making it seem so effortless.


Murale is also a Music teacher in Chung Cheng High School (Main). He has been in the teaching service for six years while also being a regular musician. Murale’s music background has allowed him to bring his real-world experiences into the classrooms where he teaches Music. His profile has inspired his juniors in National Institute of Education (NIE) and the students in the schools he has taught. His industry experiences are brought into the classroom where he imparts his skills to the students. His wide and unique performance repertoire help him to encourage creativity amongst his students and this helped him to come up with creative pedagogies for teaching Music. His expertise, systematic approaches and proper methodology has allowed him to produce results while inspiring him to soar through his music journey.​

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