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DJ Shan


In 2012, a friend introduced Shan to the world of DJ-ing. With a bedroom setup and a curious mind, he started experimenting songs and mixes of various genres and music.

In his polytechnic days, he joined the ‘Live Audio’ club to learn more about sound and mixes and started developing a good reputation for himself as a Disk Jockey. From large scale school events such as the Open House, Shan explored DJ-ing in various watering holes in Singapore with a DJ Collective. Through the collective his confidence and knowledge of music was brought to another level.

His set would include radio hits and reminiscences of classics from the past. He always read and connected with the crowd, throwing a few surprises during his spins that would always have the crowd wanting more. 


As he conquered the club and bar scenes, he was invited to support several renown emcees in Singapore at various corporate events and festivals, making him a versatile DJ for every occasion.

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