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An all-round entertainer who is sure to make your event stand out for all the right reasons, our brilliant emcee is the perfect choice when it comes to keeping your guests engaged and making sure that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. Always popular, this event host offers something for everyone with his dynamic presenting style, demonstrating his talents as an impersonator, singer, actor, comedian and even guitarist with a fantastic set that is certain to have mass appeal.

Renowned for his uncanny ability to imitate international icons such as Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson, the Bee Gees, and Stevie Wonder. A gifted impersonator and vocalist, he will delight attendees at your celebrations as he flawlessly moves from one imitation to the next, peppering his speech with well known phrases and snippets of songs in an amazing soundalike fashion.


English oldies/ classics and dabbles in songs in Bahasa Melayu, and a few Mandarin and Hindi songs.