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HubbaBubbas is a trio who recently performed at the S.E.A. Games 2015 Opening Ceremony to a stadium packaged with local and international guests. Being a semi-acoustic band does not hinder the versatile trio from delivering electrifying energy and great vibes on stage, performing songs ranging from R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop to Jazz. HubbaBubbas's tight harmonies, incredible chemistry and quirky sense of humour have led them to perform at countless gigs and weddings since 2012, including the Istana Open House, The Esplanade, World Blood Donor Day, Acid Bar, CMPB, Balaclava, Azucar, Five Bar @ Cuppage Road, Fish & Co. Glasshouse, Outpost, Timbre, Wala Wala etc. They have also been invited to play overseas in Jakarta, Indonesia. Having started out as street musicians, HubbaBubbas have won the hearts of many heartlanders with their sincere passion for music and unique arrangements.