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Singer cum Keyboardist

Be mesmerized by JESS, a multilingual vocalist, keyboardist and cellist who was a Yamaha Music Scholarship Award winner from Asia. She emerged with First Class Honours while pursuing her degree in music and has been invited to perform at the 9th International Penang Island Jazz Festival among other notable festivals and events. Her cover song of "Waiting for You" on Youtube gained a remarkable amount of traction after it was reposted by Jay Chou, eventually reaching over 406,000 views; a most unexpected surprise in her music career. Subsequently, the producers of Sing China flew Jess to Shanghai to participate in the Sing China competition. Over the years, she has always insisted on her love and passion for music despite the outcome. She hopes to inspire and influence people’s lives with her music through her live music performances.

Genre: English, Pop, Jazz, Mando Pop, Ballads and Evergreens