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Singer cum Keyboardist, Guitarist and Bassist

Jocelyn is the real BEE-AST! A vocal teacher in the day and a performer at night, she sings, play the keyboard, guitar, and occasionally, the bass guitar. Although she sometimes feels slightly schizophrenic at the constant role switches, she absolutely loves what she does.  Jocelyn has performed at Marina Bay Sands, St. James Power Station, Temasek Club, Timbre, The Regent Hotel, The Esplanade, No Black Tie (KL, Malaysia), Shy Rooftop (Jakarta, Indonesia), The Swan Lounge (Perth, Australia), and many other local and international venues. She was also a session vocalist at the National Day Parade and the Singapore Radio Awards and has a wide repertoire of oldies and evergreens.

Genre: English, Pop, Jazz, Mando Pop, Ballads and Evergreens