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John Lye

Live Looping Singer Guitarist, Bilingual Emcee & Host, Production & Technical Director

John Lye is one of the most versatile performers we know with 12 years of performing experience under his belt. As part of our core team and co-founder of Merry Bees, John wears many hats but his biggest hat would be charming audiences with a wide vocal range and solid guitar live looping skills, as he switches effortlessly from heavy old school rock ballads of Journey and Bon Jovi to classics from Sinatra and Nat King Cole in various languages.


John has toured at popular night spots in Glasgow, London and Dublin and headlined Xmas Eve 2012 at the Esplanade Concourse, and has also performed in the New Year’s Eve Celebration@ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre as part of the Marina Bay Countdown Celebrations. He also performs regularly at Timbre, Reddot Brewhouse and Five Bar. John Lye had also led his power trio full band at JJ’s and the band specialises in rock/metal, blues and classic rock. 


When he is not playing the guitar and/or singing, he would bring joy to guests at private events. He has since hosted D&Ds for established organisations such as UBS, Keppel Corporation and the Scaffolding Association of Singapore, just to name a few.

John is also a highly sought after bilingual wedding emcee as reviewed by our wedding couples. Besides weddings and corporate weddings, John Lye is also a regular KOL / livestream host on the e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and he has covered many types of livestreams from lifestyle, furniture, decor, homeware, health supplements, sports and beauty products.

Genre: English Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Alternative & Mando/Canto Pop