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GE 2020: Member of Parliament Video Campaign Marketing

During the exciting run of the General Elections in 2020, we had the amazing opportunity to produce PAP’s Sitoh Yih Pin (Potong Pasir) Online Rally videos and video campaign marketing.

After intricate storyboarding and scripting, we had the pleasure of filming Sitoh Yih Pin in the PAP Potong Pasir Office where we set up a mobile green screen studio. Through the striking visuals captured by our corporate videography and video editing team, Mr Sitoh Yih Pin’s sincere and passionate message to the residents of Potong Pasir was premiered on Straits Times on 8 July 2020.

Click here for the full video:

With the use of green screen, you can bring across your message with greater impact by filling your video with exciting graphics and backdrops for your viewers to be blown away with!

Looking for a videography and content creation team to bring your story and script to life?

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