John is the natural leader of the group. He puts us all at ease with his calm demeanor and "can-do" attitude. With 10 years of performing experience and a deep interest in Audio Visual and Technology, John heads the operations department with his crew besides being a talented vocalist, guitarist and emcee. With his background in accountancy, IT, music and strong knowledge of sound and technology, we always look to him for getting a difficult job done.

Besides music and events, John's interest include weight lifting, martial arts, Muay Thai and various sports. John performs as an artiste under his own name, John Lye. 

Follow him at @johnlyemusic

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Before the incorporation of Merry Bees, ShiLi was handling overwhelming enquiries from ShiLi & Adi resulting in her successfully connecting potential clients to her friends who also perform. Today, Merry Bees has performed for hundreds of weddings, thanks to ShiLi & Adi's insights and opportunities.

Her musical achievement and leadership qualities go way back to school, being section leader of the Methodist Girls' School Choir, student conductor of the Victoria Junior College Choir, who represented Singapore in the Choir Olympics and won 3 gold awards, and being Vice President of the NUS Jazzband, having staged successful shows and performances in Esplanade, etc. Her corporate stint being in the logistics, airlines and airfreight industry saw her planning successful events for a 14,000 staffed company before co-founding Merry Bees.


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