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From Presidential, Celebrity, Dignitary, International and Private Events

Singapore's Best Wedding
Live Entertainment 

We love creating unforgettable moments for you through our sincere and lively music backed by hundreds of Google 5-stars and online reviews about us.

Our unmatched multi-talented musicians & emcees will charm your audience with Singapore’s widest multilingual repertoire across various genres of music of pop, jazz, R&B, rock, blues and many more.​

All our vocal live band packages of 2 x 45 mins comes with complimentary:

  • 2 x march-ins accompaniments

  • customised songlist chosen by the couple

  • surprise accompaniment for the bride and groom

  • provision of song dedication cards/slips to facilitate interaction

Our Hives

Signature Duos

At the core of our hives are our Singing, Power and Dynamic Duos. Fronted by 2 lead singers who are also adept and technical musicians, our signature duos create a fun, romantic and merry atmosphere with duets, harmonies and medleys.

Singing Duo (2.5 pc Band)

2-persons band consisting of 2 lead vocals and 1 instrument and live looping, some say they function like a three to four person band.

Multi Duo (2.75 pc Band)

2-persons band consisting of 2 lead vocals and 2 instruments, some say they function like a four person band.

Power Duo (2.95 pc Band)

2-persons band with 2 lead vocals and up to 4 instruments that is powered by a female singer keyboardist and John Lye's wide range of vocals, guitar and live looping skills to add drums and bass layers to the music, some say they sound like a five to six person band.

Dynamic Duo (2.95 pc Band)

2-persons band consisting of ShiLi who sings and plays the SPD paired with Adi's split bass and piano sounds and kick drum stomps, this highly reviewed & stellar duo can strip down an R&B duet with their lush vocals or supercharge their performance to a high energy dance set.

The Solid Solos

From versatile virtuosos to one-man-bands, our singer-instrumentalist soloists are multi-faceted all-in-one artistes who can sing, play an instrument and also double up as your wedding emcee. 

Solo (1.5 pc Band)

1-person band

1 lead vocals + 1 instrument

Solo (1.75 pc Band)

1-person band

1 lead vocals + 1 instrument with live looping

The Merry Bands

The more the merrier

Merry Trio (3.5 pc Band)

3-persons band

2 lead vocals + 2 instruments

Merry Trio+ (3.75 pc Band)

3-persons band

2 lead vocals + 2 instruments + live looping

Bee-Quartet (4.5 pc Band)

4-persons band
2 lead vocals + 3 instruments with percussion

Bee-Quartet+ (4.95 pc Band)

4-persons band

2 lead vocals + 4 instruments with drumset

Quintet (5.75 pc Band)

5-persons band

2 lead vocals + 4 instruments with youtube
star percussionist, Turbochicken.

Party Band (5.95 pc Band)

5-persons band

2 lead vocals + 4 instruments with full drum set.


Want the ultimate fun?

Our dynamic party band consist of 3 lead vocalist fronted by John Lye, ShiLi & Adi and a bassist and drummer.

Ensemble / Big Band / Orchestra

An ensemble, orchestra, and big band are all groups of musicians differing in size and type of music performed that can definitely add sophistication and grandeur to your wedding reception making it an unforgettable experience for your guests. Our larger setups consist of the rhythm, string, wind, brass and percussion section fronted by the lead singers.

Each of these groups has its own unique characteristics and advantages, and the best choice depends on the specific requirements of the performance or event.

Fully Customised Experience

We fully customise your wedding music based on your preferences. Select from allowing the band to perform only songs of your choice or open it to dedications. 

Live Interaction & Engagement

We interact with your audience by providing our Song Dedication Cards for your guests to write well wishes and messages that our singers will be reading throughout the night while entertaining them with their favourite songs

On-Site Coordinator

Each live band engagement will come with a dedicated event manager to ensure everything runs smoothly  before and during your wedding!

AV Team

As a bonafide production house for AV, video and lights. Your event is assured in the hands of our professional and qualified sound engineers. 


If you wish to record the live band performance, opt for an add-on with our professional video team to capture this experience for you!

Competitive Pricing

Our rates are competitively priced and provides the best value when bundled together. You never have to communicate with multiple parties.

Highly Experienced

Our artistes do not just play at weddings, they are notable performers that have graced large scale stages and concerts such as the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, National Stadiums and more. No matter how big or small the stage is, the quality of their performance never wavers.

Special Acts

Want something completely customised, give us a buzz and you will be surprised at what kind of ideas or lengths we will go to impress you.

We are grateful for hundreds of our brides and grooms who have taken the trouble to leave us 5-stars reviews after engaging our services NOT just on google reviews, but bridestory and other wedding platforms as well:

Looking for a wedding live band, engaging emcee, event services for your wedding?





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