Frequently asked questions


Can I plan a surprise for my darling on our wedding night?

Physical Live Music: Sure! It will be our pleasure to accompany you if live singing is allowed. We have plenty of successes to share! Lets discuss this! Virtual Live Music: Should live singing is not allowed, our team of music arrangers and producers are able to arrange surprise pre-recorded songs or montages for you to surprise your loved ones.

Does your company only provide live band services?

No, we are more than just a live music company. Merry Bees is a live entertainment agency AND also production house. The entertainment arm provides emcee services, DJs, magicians, string quartets, stroller bands, & more while the production house manages events, livestream productions, audio visual solutions and videography as well.

After 7 years of operations, we have performed to more than 2,000 events and 1,000,000 audience. In 2020 alone, our company has performed and produced more than 100 virtual events online.

Ask us for more information on what we can provide for your events and celebartions! 😊

Can add more musicians to the band? How does that work?

Once you have decided on your vocalist(s) or lead instruments, you can add-on the musicians to form a larger band! Merry Bees perform only with the best, hence you can be assured of quality musicians when selecting us to be your wedding and event live band!

Ok, I’m ready to book! How do we proceed?

That’s great to hear! A $500 or 50% deposit is required to secure your slot. To draft the necessary documents, we will need the following info from you & your fiancé(e): Groom & Bride’s Particulars

  • Full Names:
  • First 5 digits of your NRIC:
  • Mobile numbers:
  • Email addresses:

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, PayNow / PayLah, credit card* (* is subject to terms and conditions) or bank transfer . Ask us for the details!

What happens if the singer/band I’ve chosen is sick or can’t make it to my event for some reason?

Merry Bees give our clients the highest respect by ensuring that our talents are able to make it to any confirmed event. However, should a cancellation from the talent occur due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will ensure that a suitable replacement is found for the client at no additional cost. Should the substitute be in a different price bracket than the original talent booked, the cost will be adjusted to the client, subject to mutual agreement.


How does a live band fit into my wedding program?

At Merry Bees, every wedding celebration is unique to us. Simply tell us what you have in mind, and we will try our best to fit the sets in. In the new normal where virtual live band options are presented, the sets are lined in similar to the programme proposed below. To give you an idea of how our bands and entertainers can fit into your schedule, do refer to the following program for a lunch/dinner banquet flow:

What if I do not require the full 90 minutes of performance from the live band?

Sure! We are happy to tailor something for your wedding day. As an alternative, you can hire the live band / entertainers for 1 set, 2 sets or 3 sets of music of 45 mins. We can also tailor the sets to shorter durations of 30 mins if you have a packed program with games and speeches. Here's a sample program to let you see how these can fit in:


What is the recommendation performance duration of the live band at my wedding?

We normally recommend 90 mins of live music performance for a wedding luncheon or dinner banquet. Usually, we are very flexible on how you schedule the 90 mins within the 3 hour block during the celebrations!

Languages, Songs, Genre

What kind of languages do you perform in?

We are the most multi-lingual live music group in Singapore. From English top 40s and evergreens to languages such as Mandarin, and dialects like Cantonese and Hokkien, some of our singers can also perform in Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and more!

Do we get to select our own songs for our wedding? Or will the band be choosing for us?

Every singer has their own repertoire. Once you’ve made your deposit to confirm your slot with us, we will send over a detailed wedding checklist to help prepare you & the band for your special day. Along with this checklist, will be your selected vocalists’ repertoire for you to browse through and customise your very own wedding song list! The band’s performance set list during the event day will be based on your selection.

Depending on your music preference indicated in our checklist, we can also accommodate song dedications frrom your guests to ensure that they are entertained and interacting with our band, at the same time personalising the performance to you both.

There’s a song that I want the band to sing but I don’t see it in their repertoire. Will they be able to learn it?

Feel free to send us your exact song selection! We will do what we can to see if the band can accommodate to your request. Most of our vocalists and musicians are game to broaden our repertoire!

Are you able to perform our march-in songs?

Yes, absolutely! This is complimentary with every live band package.

What kind of music genre do you live bands perform in?

Our class acts are extremely versatile and can perform multi-genres of pop, rock, alternative, jazz, R&B, soul, bossa nova, and more. That said, some of our singers are stronger in certain genres and languages, let us know what you have in mind, and our happy consultations will be glad to advise and make recommendations!

Band Configurations

What is a Honey Band?

A honey band is led by ONE lead vocalist and accompanied by additional musicians.

What about a Merry Band?

Our Merry Bands consist of TWO lead vocalists, whom either one or both, also happen to be playing an instrument who are then accompanied by additional musicians (if desired).

How do your band configurations work?

There are many ways to configure you band. We usually recommend a combination of at least one LEAD musician to pair with the RHYTHM musicians.

LEAD musicians consist of vocalists, saxophonists, flautists, violinist (any musical instrument that can create a melody)

RHYTHM musicians are usually accompanying instruments such as guitar, keyboard/piano, drums, bass.

A minimum configuration usually starts like this from a 2-piece band:

LEAD Musician

Vocalist / Saxophonist / Flautist / Violinist


RHYTHM Musician 1

Guitarist / Keyboardist


RHYTHM Musician 2

Percussionist / Drummer / Bassist

How do you configure your Class Acts?

Our dynamic duo, ShiLi & Adi perform exclusively together. For richer music, you can add other musicians to join them to form a larger band. For the other singers and singer cum instrumentalists, they can be paired with each other. For example, our live looping singer guitarist, John Lye, or jazz vocalist and pianist, Ywenna, can individually be soloists, or they can also be paired up with another female / male vocalist to form a Singing Duo, or even be put into a large 5-7 piece party band! Some of our female singers can also double up as keyboardist.

Sound System

Can’t we just use our venue’s sound system that they already have?

For optimimal sound quality, we normally recommend our sound systems to support the live band performances. We don’t recommend using any venue’s in-house sound system because they’re generally not sufficient enough to support a live band.Most hotel PA systems are meant for speeches and background music. This is because music played from CD/laptop are usually compressed as compared to live music which spans across a much wider frequency and is not compressed. If the live music goes through the PA systems of the hotel and the system is not suitable, the sound may appear muffled or distorted. On top of that, hooking up the sound system usually requires permission from the venue. You may check with your venue if there are any liability concerns as well.

Do I need to have a full professional sound system?

To ensure quality sound, we recommend that a full sound system is included in your wedding entertainment package. What good is having an amazing band if you don’t have a quality sound system to support them? 😊

What about my solemnization? Do I need a full sound system for that?

Not necessarily as most solemnisation ceremonies are more intimate. For example, a string quartet or harp band performing to an intimate ceremony attended by 30 to 50 guests will not require amplification as the instruments when performed, will be audible to the audience.

Let us know what your wedding day plans are and we will recommend some options for you!


What are your policies revolving around bookings due to COVID-19?

We normally collect a deposit to secure the booking of your band/emcees. This is to secure the talents and crew for your desired date. By securing the talents and crew for your desired wedding date, they will in turn, dedicate their time and availability for your desired date by turning away any possibly future enquiries for your desired date. Our company policy will be in line with the Singapore government's directive on event deposits and postponement of events. The current government directive is to allow postponement of events should your wedding date is affected by COVID-19 and events are not allowed to take place, which means, you will enjoy a flexible/risk-free booking with us should any uncertainties due to COVID-19. Afraid that you may have to cancel the celebrations due to the endemic? Expect a full refund* from us if your wedding banquet is cancelled.

(please contact us for terms and conditions)

Existing booking but due to COVID-19 live singing is not allowed yet

Don't worry, our extensive abilities will help you make live music happen even though live singing is still not physically allowed yet at the celebrations, we can livestream the band to you at your actual event and allow your virtual guests to enjoy the experience as well! Give us a buzz via WhatsApp at +65-96770178 and we will tell you more!